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I am a French PhD candidate working in the french public research center (CNRS).
My laboratory topic is about micro aerial robots inspired from fly.

I am also, on my free time, an electronics and flying vehicle passionate. I build reduced airplane model and place inside few electronics parts.

After few projects, I found that writing C code for microcontroller was fastidious. Thus, I started to designed in 2006 a blockset so as to program my Microchip microcontrollers directly from a simulink model file. This website describe this blockset for simulink called Embedded Target for dsPIC.

I am using this blockset for my personnal projects. But this tool is a great help in my PhD works. It is also being used in many projects developped by my laboratory research team.

The website is composed of two parts.

  • a Forum is here to respond to all questions araising from the blockset. Feel free to post any question and comments about the blockset or about examples and more technical subject about simulink.


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